John Lill on the "spiritual course" of Beethoven's piano sonatas

3 October 2013, 16:25

John Suchet chats with the pianist John Lill about the piano sonatas of Ludgwig Van Beethoven ahead of Lill's performance of the complete cycle.

How do you begin to approach the task of performing all of Beethoven's Piano Sonatas? Pianist John Lill has done it before on several occasions, but not for 25 years - and he's about to tackle these towering works again in London's Cadogan Hall over the next six months.

In this fascinating interview with fellow Beethoven evangelist John Suchet, Lill reveals just how his approach to the great composer has changed over the years: "I believe it transcends emotion. It's a spiritual course that we're on with Beethoven."

Lill also touches on the mammoth challenge of performing these works with fresh eyes after so many previous encounters and offending the purists by not playing them in order.

Listen to the interview here.

The first instalment of John Lill's Beethoven Sonata concerts begins at Cadogan Hall on Monday.