Melvyn Tan


Melvyn Tan

The Singapore-born pianist became one of Britain’s biggest champions of historical performance.

  • Tan was born 13 October 1956 in Singapore.  
  • A child prodigy, at the age of 12, he went to England to study at the Yehudi Menuhin School.
  • After he enrolled at the Royal College of Music in 1978, he began to explore the sounds of early pianos and playing styles.
  • In 1980 he bravely specialised in playing the fortepiano.
  • Tan forged an enlightened partnership with Roger Norrington and the London Classical Players, touring the world in the late 1980s.
  • During their Beethoven Experience weekend at London’s South Bank Centre and subsequent international tour, Tan performed on Beethoven’s Broadwood fortepiano of 1817.
  • After an absence of two decades, Tan made a triumphant return to Singapore. He has since returned regularly for orchestral and recital performances and to teach young musicians.
  • He has now returned mainly to the modern pianoforte and performs a wide ranging repertoire from Bach to Messiaen.

Did you know?

In 2007, Tan performed at the Royal Academy of Arts for Jasper Conran's London Fashion Week collection.

Melvyn Tan plays at Buskaid

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