Joyce DiDonato

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Joyce DiDonato

‘A year ago – wow – did the world look different’ – Joyce DiDonato on why only the arts can mend society

Joyce DiDonato speech

Joyce DiDonato just hit the nail on the head with this incredibly moving speech about the power of music

Kiri Te Kanawa

Dame Kiri Te Kanawa given the Lifetime Achievement Award and Classic FM wins a Gramophone Award 2017

The Most Influential Musicians from the last 25 ye

These are the 7 most influential musicians from the last 25 years

Joyce DiDonato El Sistema Greece

Joyce DiDonato performs with refugee children in Greece

Best piece of advice

“If there’s anything else you can do in this world, do it” – the best advice from today’s top musicians

joyce didonato orlando attacks

Joyce DiDonato has posted a powerful response to the Orlando shootings