pavarotti vocal range

Listen to Pavarotti’s complete vocal range in one minute (and it's really something)

29 days ago

Luciano Pavarotti

A level music quiz

Can you pass A-Level music?

1 month ago

Haydn Palindrome symphony asset

Did you know: This Haydn minuet and trio sounds exactly the same played backwards as it does forwards

1 month ago


A reasoned explanation of why ‘Despacito’ has sent everyone completely insane

1 month ago

president obama singing

Barack Obama’s singing voice: a detailed musical analysis

1 month ago

donald trump orchestra

A detailed music theory analysis of Donald Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ song

2 months ago

modal interchange

This music theory video will blow your mind and change your composition game

2 months ago

Metronome test

This guy is basically a human metronome

3 months ago