david bowie vocal range life on mars

David Bowie’s isolated vocal from ‘Life On Mars’ shows off his powerful tenor range

12 days ago

david cameron humming musical analysis

We’ve done a musical analysis of the tune David Cameron was humming outside Downing Street

12 days ago

dylan beato perfect pitch

Watch this child genius correctly identify all the notes in an atonal double polychord

1 month ago

john lennon because beethoven

This John Lennon song is based on Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata

1 month ago

bach prelude memory test

This guy reckons he can memorise a whole Bach prelude in under an hour

1 month ago


beethoven disputed score auction

This Beethoven score is causing huge music geek arguments because of the handwriting

1 month ago

freddie mercury isolated vocals

Freddie Mercury’s isolated vocals from ‘We Are The Champions’ prove he was one of the finest tenors in history

1 month ago

bad beethoven t-shirt

Music geeks are reviewing this incorrect Beethoven t-shirt and it’s hilarious

2 months ago