Charlotte Church


Charlotte Church

Charlotte Church is a Welsh singer who became an international sensation at the age of thirteen when she was signed to Decca after a single appearance on a local television talent show.

Life and Music

  • Born in Cardiff in 1986, by the time she was 13 Charlotte was performing in the Royal Albert Hall and even opened for Shirley Bassey in Antwerp.
  • At sixteen, she became one of the most successful vocalists in the world with international sales comparable to that of Madonna and Janet Jackson.
  • She has sold in excess of ten million albums worldwide since she released her debut album, ‘Voice of an Angel’ in 1998.
  • She is currently better known as a television presenter of The Charlotte Church Show and a series of pop music releases.  
  • Appealing to audiences of every musical persuasion, Charlotte has carved a completely unique musical niche for herself. The diversity of her repertoire, which includes Broadway musicals, opera and chamber music, has garnered a worldwide following that spans borders as easily as it does generations.
  • Over the course of the next four years, Charlotte released many albums including ‘Voice Of An Angel’, ‘Charlotte Church’, ‘Dream A Dream’, and 2001 ‘Enchantment’.

Did you know?
Charlotte is mentioned as one of the Bohemians in Ben Elton’s musical ‘We Will Rock You’.

Charlotte Church sings 'Suo Gan'

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