Alexandre Tharaud


Alexandre Tharaud

Alexandre Tharaud is a French pianist born in Paris in 1968.

Life and Music

  • Born in Paris, Alexandre Tharaud discovered the music scene through his father, a director and singer of operettas, which were put on in theatres of Northern France, where his family spent many weekends.
  • At the initiative of his parents, Alexandre started his piano studies at age 5, and he entered the Conservatory of the 14th Arrondissement where he met Carmen Taccon-Devenat - a student of Marguerite Long - who became his teacher.
  • He entered the Conservatoire de Paris at age 14 where he won first prize for piano Germaine Mounier when he was 17 years old. With Theodor Paraskivesco, he mastered the piano, and he sought and received the advice of Claude Helffer, Leon Fleisher an Nikita Magaloff.
  • In 1987, he won the International Maria Canals Competition in Barcelona and, a year later, the Senigallia Competition in Italy. In 1989, he received 2nd prize at the Munich International Competition. His career developed quickly in Europe as well as in North America and Japan.

Did you know?
He refuses to keep his piano in his house because he believes he will be distracted by improvisation rather than keeping to a rigorous practice schedule.  

Alexandre performing Gnossienne No.1


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