Han-Na Chang


Han-Na Chang

Han-Na Chang (1982 - present) is a South Korean cellist who started the piano at the age of three, and took up the cello when she was six.

  • Born in Suwon, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, her family moved to the United States where she was enrolled in the pre-college division of the Juliard School.
  • She studied privately with cellist Mischa Maisky, and won the Rostropovich International Cello Competition at the age of eleven.
  • After studying with Maisky, she went on to study with Rostropovich himself.
  • She launched her conducting career in 2007, as she wanted to introduce classical masterpieces to a wider audience.

Did you know? Chang enjoys playing basketball, but had to give up her ambitions of becoming a basketball player for fear of damaging her cello-playing fingers during a game.

Video: Han-Na Chang plays Haydn