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Zoe Keating

The Canadian-born cellist Zoë Keating uses innovative recording and performing techniques to create her own immersive soundscapes. After turning her back on classical music, she's now carved a niche for herself in the industry after stints with various rock bands and other performers like Imogen Heap and Amanda Palmer.

  • Born on February 2nd 1972 in Ontario, Canada, Zoë Keating began playing the cello aged 8.
  • After learning traditional classical repertoire and aiming for a career as an orchestral cellist, Keating decided she would be better off on her own after a disastrous audition at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music.
  • Her One Cello x 16 project has seen her use her signature looping and layering techniques to build up huge sounds for various releases.
  • Other artists like Imogen Heap and Amanda Palmer have used Keating's distinctive playing on their records and in concert.

Video: Zoë Keating performs 'Optimist'