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Vivaldi bus tour

This orchestra was late for a concert so they played Vivaldi on the bus instead

23 hours ago


Happy birthday in the style of Shostakovich

Happy Birthday in the style of a Shostakovich string quartet is extremely clever

1 day ago

Game of Thrones rhapsody

Someone has turned the Game of Thrones music into an epic Rachmaninov rhapsody

1 day ago

New releases 27th feb

New Releases: Vivaldi's Four Seasons with Daniel Hope and The Italian Job

1 day ago

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wrong violinist announced

The wrong violinist went on stage to collect an award... and it was awkward

1 day ago

The Super Mario Brothers theme

The Super Mario Brothers theme in the style of a Mozart piano sonata is genius

1 day ago


Chart 26th Feb

Classic FM Chart: Einaudi breaks Max Richter's streak at no. 1

1 day ago