Sharon Shannon cows Irish jig

These cows are totally intrigued by an accordionist playing an Irish jig

2 days ago

Duchess of Cambridge conducts Hamburg Beethoven

The Duchess of Cambridge went to Hamburg and conducted the opening of Beethoven Symphony No.5

2 days ago

Linkin Park piano cover

This beautiful piano cover of ‘Numb’ by Linkin Park is the perfect way to remember Chester Bennington

2 days ago

Chopin marimba duo

Watch a Chopin Prelude performed on two marimbas *by identical twins*

2 days ago


Brooklyn Duo Despacito

‘Despacito’ on cello, piano, mandolin and cajon is awesome

2 days ago

Bach beer bottles

Bach's Art of Fugue played on beer bottles is strangely hypnotic

2 days ago


Metropolitan Opera 2018 - La Boheme

You can watch The Metropolitan Opera live from your local cinema

3 days ago