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Eric Whitacre Eurovision Choir

Eric Whitacre conducted a 600-strong choir at Eurovision Choir of the Year and it was glorious

15 hours ago

Gustavo Cabrera plays the Jealousy Tango

A violinist plays the Jealousy Tango and it’s all kinds of fiery

1 day ago

Brooklyn Duo and Dover Quartet

‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ for string quartet, piano and cello will give you goosebumps

1 day ago

One handed piano Chopin

This guy can text, play chess and lift weights at the same time as playing virtuosic Chopin

1 day ago

Cellist improvises in stairwell

This cellist played in a stairwell and the acoustics were out of this WORLD

1 day ago

New releases 24th July

New Releases: The Romantic Concerto Vol 72 and 'This Love' by Claire Jones

1 day ago

Chart 23rd July

Classic FM Chart: Jonathan Antoine re-enters the chart at no. 1

2 days ago