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Rob Landes violin

‘Despacito’ on a rare 18th-century violin and a loop pedal is your ultimate summer anthem

15 hours ago

Heavy Metal band John Cage

Death metal band covers John Cage’s 4'33'' – and it’s as surreal as you’d expect

1 day ago

Christian Pierre La Marca Bach score

Watch a performance of Bach’s Cello Suites – and follow along with the music

1 day ago


Andrew Collins Christopher Nolan Interview

‘We fight like cats and dogs but in the best, the most productive way’: Christopher Nolan speaks exclusively about his extraordinary partnership with composer Hans Zimmer

2 days ago


Holst lost manuscripts New Zealand

Lost Holst manuscripts discovered in New Zealand

2 days ago

Paganini bike

This guy can play Paganini and ride a bike at the same time, because why not

2 days ago


Violinist eating disorder

A third of musicians suffer from eating disorders, according to new study

2 days ago