thomas hewitt jones - grenfell in memoriam

An incredibly poignant composition for the victims of the Grenfell tower tragedy - for 20 cellos and piano

1 day ago

Can you identify this piece?

Can you help a listener identify this piece?

2 days ago

Bach on marimba

You haven’t heard Bach until you’ve heard it on marimba

2 days ago

Metronome test

This guy is basically a human metronome

3 days ago

4 girls 4 harps

Borodin’s Prince Igor played by four harps is so beautiful we want everything to be arranged for harp ensemble

4 days ago

hologram vr/mr piano teacher

You can now learn to play piano from a hologram piano teacher

4 days ago

Shostakovich plays a fragment of his 7th symphony

Watch Shostakovich playing his own Symphony No. 7

5 days ago