Spectre poster

A pianist turned this Bond song into a one-handed Romantic piano masterpiece

7 hours ago

Ji Liu

Moana - Luke Herd piano

Virtuosic pianist rescues a piano, drags it to the sea and plays ‘How Far I’ll Go’ from Moana

12 hours ago

oboe snaps - LSO Olivier

This oboe soloist’s reed SNAPPED mid-solo, but he recovered like a pro

1 day ago

12-year-old cellist

This 12-year-old cellist writes and plays his own compositions and they are phenomenal

1 day ago

alto saxophone - 128 notes

Alto saxophonist shares his astonishing trick for playing 128 notes in an octave

1 day ago

Leonardo da Vinci Viola Organista

Leonardo da Vinci's forgotten musical invention has been created for the first time

1 day ago