Octava concert app

This app lets you secretly read notes on your phone DURING a concert

6 hours ago

modal interchange

This music theory video will blow your mind and change your composition game

6 hours ago

Stammer and Pidgin sewer video

Watch this dissonant French duet, performed in a SEWER

1 day ago

Violin making

Violin-making students to be deported after parent college is downgraded by Ofsted

1 day ago

New releases 26 june

New releases: Craig Ogden's Summertime Deluxe and Faure with Andreas Brantelid & Bengt Forsberg

1 day ago

Chart 25th Jun

Classic FM Chart: Einaudi climbs back up to no. 1

1 day ago

thomas hewitt jones - grenfell in memoriam

An incredibly poignant composition for the victims of the Grenfell tower tragedy - for 20 cellos and piano

3 days ago