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silent star wars

Star Wars without John Williams' score shows just how important music is to movies

2 days ago


Sheet of medieval musical manuscript close-up

This is the oldest known piece of keyboard music

3 days ago

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Forte Handbell Quartet

We are in awe of this incredible performance of Sabre Dance on handbells

4 days ago

Bandura and accordion vivaldi

Vivaldi played on Ukrainian folk instruments sounds (and looks) extraordinary

5 days ago

double bass pizzicato

This awesome double bass pizzicato technique is super-hypnotic

6 days ago

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Voces8 Valentine's Day

The amazing vocal group Voces8 has created this spine-tingling cover of Ben Folds’ The Luckiest

6 days ago


Smashmouth in the style of Bach

A 90s superhit in the style of Bach - what more could you want?

6 days ago