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Edward Hardy pianist

Relationship goals: 94-year-old pianist with dementia plays his wife’s favourite piece on their 75th anniversary

6 hours ago

Black and white orchestra

Why the heck do musicians always perform in black?

6 hours ago

Simon Rattle

Watch Sir Simon Rattle conduct the London Symphony Orchestra LIVE right here, this Sunday

8 hours ago

aled jones once voice believe

Aled Jones announces his new album, 'One Voice: Believe'

13 hours ago

Aled Jones

Pavarotti singing lesson

This rare recording of Pavarotti giving a singing lesson will make you love him even more

1 day ago

Luciano Pavarotti

Florian Leonhard Fine Violins Rami

Thanks to Facebook, a refugee violinist played a Stradivarius at the Royal Albert Hall

1 day ago