Wooden planks - KIMU Txalaparta

These musicians use planks of wood to make music - and it sounds magnificently hypnotic

15 hours ago

Nasa perseus black hole

Did you know scientists have found the lowest note in the universe (and it’s a B flat)

1 day ago

ex-wife smashed violins

Ex-wife who SMASHED all her husband’s violins has been arrested

1 day ago

10 pieces played by Fabricio Vinheteiro

10 pieces you’ll definitely know but whose names you don’t

2 days ago

Eric Whitacre Eurovision Choir

Eric Whitacre conducted a 600-strong choir at Eurovision Choir of the Year and it was glorious

2 days ago

Gustavo Cabrera plays the Jealousy Tango

A violinist plays the Jealousy Tango and it’s all kinds of fiery

3 days ago

Brooklyn Duo and Dover Quartet

‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ for string quartet, piano and cello will give you goosebumps

3 days ago