Hugh Masekela

This blistering solo shows exactly why Hugh Masekela was one of the all-time greats

19 hours ago

Haydn - testosterone study

Men with high testosterone levels don’t like classical music, study claims

22 hours ago

Dulcian bassoon bird duet

A hilarious duet for Renaissance bassoon and a very angry bird

1 day ago

Etude for cleaning your piano

Is your piano dirty? Here’s an ‘Etude for cleaning your keyboard’

1 day ago

Riccardo Chailly

Riccardo Chailly: ‘If a female conductor is gifted they are as powerful and meaningful as those in the so-called male tradition’

1 day ago

Clarinet glissando in harmony

The clarinet glissando from Rhapsody in Blue sounds INCREDIBLE in four-part harmony

1 day ago

Policeman plays Chopin Nocturne

93-year-old man gets burgled, policeman visits and plays his favourite Chopin Nocturne

1 day ago