Happy birthday in the style of Shostakovich

Happy Birthday in the style of a Shostakovich string quartet is extremely clever

6 hours ago

Game of Thrones rhapsody

Someone has turned the Game of Thrones music into an epic Rachmaninov rhapsody

6 hours ago

New releases 27th feb

New Releases: Vivaldi's Four Seasons with Daniel Hope and The Italian Job

10 hours ago

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wrong violinist announced

The wrong violinist went on stage to collect an award... and it was awkward

11 hours ago

The Super Mario Brothers theme

The Super Mario Brothers theme in the style of a Mozart piano sonata is genius

22 hours ago


Chart 26th Feb

Classic FM Chart: Einaudi breaks Max Richter's streak at no. 1

1 day ago

Jazz version entertainer

This super-jazzy arrangement of 'The Entertainer' is a monstrous technical challenge for any pianist

3 days ago

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