Bobby McFerring Vivaldi

Watch Bobby McFerrin SING Vivaldi's double cello concerto

18 hours ago

Wah wah

This instrument is called a wah-wah tube, and it's totally hypnotic

22 hours ago

Midi unicorn

This guy drew a musical unicorn and it sounds MAGICAL

1 day ago

tiny pipe organ made of paper and cardboard

This tiny pipe organ is made ONLY from paper and cardboard

2 days ago

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John Brunning

‘You have to write for yourself, ultimately’– we asked a composer to share his four top tips

2 days ago

Google AI Duet

You can now play a piano duet with your computer

2 days ago

Natalie Wheen's Great Performers, Classic FM

This recording of one of the world's greatest early violinists is utterly stunning

3 days ago

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