Duchess of Cambridge conducts Hamburg Beethoven

The Duchess of Cambridge went to Hamburg and conducted the opening of Beethoven Symphony No.5

16 hours ago

Linkin Park piano cover

This beautiful piano cover of ‘Numb’ by Linkin Park is the perfect way to remember Chester Bennington

16 hours ago

Chopin marimba duo

Watch a Chopin Prelude performed on two marimbas *by identical twins*

18 hours ago


Brooklyn Duo Despacito

‘Despacito’ on cello, piano, mandolin and cajon is awesome

20 hours ago

Bach beer bottles

Bach's Art of Fugue played on beer bottles is strangely hypnotic

21 hours ago


Metropolitan Opera 2018 - La Boheme

You can watch The Metropolitan Opera live from your local cinema

1 day ago

Rob Landes violin

‘Despacito’ on a rare 18th-century violin and a loop pedal is your ultimate summer anthem

1 day ago