Henry Blofeld Classic FM

Henry Blofeld joins Classic FM to host new series celebrating British music

1 day ago

Fujara - Winne Clement hero

This contrabass flute is seriously the spookiest thing you've ever heard

2 days ago

Classical mashup

This classical mashup includes 52 pieces by 31 composers – how many can you spot?

2 days ago

shostakovich metal version

Heavy metal Stravinsky is truly righteous

2 days ago

Mirga Grazinyte-Tyla

Classical music is still sidelining women, new research shows

2 days ago

Line Rider In the Hall of the Mountain King

Line Rider set to ‘In the Hall of the Mountain King’ will 100% brighten your day

2 days ago


What are the lyrics to Nessun Dorma

What are the lyrics to ‘Nessun Dorma’?

3 days ago