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Friar Alessandro Brustenghi

Friar Alessandro Brustenghi, known simply as Friar Alessandro is a tenor with a difference - he lives in a friary in Assisi and has devoted his life to God. He uses his singing as a form of religious praise.

  • He started the organ aged 9, and began a long love affair with music. When he was 14 he decided to study music at a specialist school.
  • Friar Alessandro joined a choir almost by accident, when a teacher at his school needed extra voices to fill up her class.
  • By the time he was 19, his teachers were not convinced by his small-sounding voice, and they tried to stop him singing. He then decided to become a friar.
  • He had a religious experience, which prompted his faith. He said: “I discovered the presence of God, a new presence, a different presence. Not just the feeling of goodness, but God as a person.”
  • When he became a friar, he was told that he could not enter as a postulant unless he passed a singing exam; he had been told by his teachers that he was not up to it, but he passed the exam with distinction and puts this success down to God.
  • In November 2001 he decided to live like a hermit, basing his life on St Francis.
  • Alessandro was singing again in a small church in 2011, when he was encouraged to audition with a manager. The manager was moved and amazed and took his finding to Decca Records who were similarly stunned at the self-doubting friar with the miracle voice.

Did you know? Friar Alessandro’s producer has also worked with U2, Manic Street Preachers and The Cure.

Friar Alessandro Voice of Joy Friar Alessandro - Voice of Joy

Friar Alessandro's seasonal album of Christmas Carols and sacred arias sees him ranging from Bach and Handel to John Rutter. Drive Featured Album, 9 December 2013.

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