Vittorio Grigolo

Vittorio Grigolo

Vittorio Grigolo

Italian opera singer Vittorio Grigolo was a precocious talent; he began singing at the age of four, joined the Sistine Chapel Choir at nine and had shared a stage with Pavorrotti by the age of 13

  • Vittorio was born in Rome, but raised in Arezzo.
  • A member of the Sistine Chapel Choir as a soloist, pop/opera singer Vittorio studied at the Scuola Puerorum at the Sistine Chapel for five years, before joining the Vienna Opera Company, where he was exempt from compulsory military service on account of his promising career.
  • Dubbed 'Il Pavarottino' by the Italian press following his performance in Tosca with Luciano Pavarotti, Vittorio has had residency in the international operatic arena for half his life, performing in Japan, America and all points between.
  • Vittorio is the youngest tenor to have performed in Milan's La Scala.
  • More recently, Vittorio made his debut with a concert held at the prestigious Royal Albert Hall in London, where he returned to appear at the Classical Brit Awards evening, where along with singers such as Placido Domingo and Kiri Te Kanawa, performing arias taken from his repertoire.
  • Vittorio Grigolo's album set a new sales record and confirmed his status as one of the world's leading classical solo artists. It includes contemporary arrangements of Keane's 'Bedshaped' and Berstein's 'Maria'.

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