Thomas Zehetmair hits his half century

Zehetmair, originally a violinist, has had a very successful conducting career, appearing regularly with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, the Chamber Orchestra of Europe, the Berlin Philharmonic and many others, but is principally known as the Music Director of Northern Sinfonia.

As part of his birthday celebrations, Jane Jones with The Full Works Concert has a fine programme of music including Brahms' Violin Concerto, Schubert's Trout Quartet, plus Zehetmair conducting Northern Sinfonia through Robert Schumann's 4th Symphony, a composer that Zehetmair has great admiration for. 

Speaking to Classic FM a few years ago, Zehetmair said of Schumann's symphonic repertoire:
"Can one imagine symphonies more Romantic than these? Their simultaneous spontaneity, power and delicacy are still surprising, even today, and they are without doubt essential pieces of the whole repertoire."

Zehetmair speaks particularly highly of the 4th symphony specifically:
"Ten years after he first wrote it, in 1841, the first orchestration didn't seem to be up to date enough for him! Today we think differently from how we used to about Schumann's ability to orchestrate. Never before was there so much "old" music performed than now with thought given to the performing style of the music's own time. If you want to realise Schumann's true emotional and intellectual intentions, don't change anything. He certainly knew how to achieve what he wanted. Every change takes away some of the music's depth."
Join Jane Jones for quite the birthday party, tonight from 8.