The morsing, an instrument used in the Carnatic South Indian classical tradition

What is a ‘morsing’ – and what is the instrument’s place in Indian classical music?

13 days ago

Jimmy Fallon does not understand how to play the contrabass flute

Shaquille O'Neal and Jimmy Fallon: a musical analysis of their Random Instruments Challenge

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Jennifer Hudson plays Grizabella in Tom Hooper’s 2019 Cats adaptation

5 reasons why Jennifer Hudson’s version of ‘Memory’ is the best thing about the new Cats movie

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Classic FM Musical Cipher

Someone made an algorithm that turns your name into a musical cipher

1 month ago

Christmas hit

The perfect formula for a No. 1 Christmas hit has been discovered

1 month ago

John Lennon inspired by Beethoven

This John Lennon song is based on Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata

1 month ago


freddie mercury isolated vocals

Freddie Mercury’s isolated vocals from ‘We Are The Champions’ prove he was one of the finest tenors in history

1 month ago

Whole-tone carols

Christmas carols, but sung to a whole-tone scale

1 month ago