Most iconic intervals in music

The most iconic intervals EVER used in music

5 days ago

Music geek

You’re officially a classical music geek if you score over 50% in this quiz

11 days ago


John Lennon Imagine

The harmonic magic behind the timeless beauty of John Lennon's 'Imagine'

12 days ago

What is the difference between absolute and relative perfect pitch? Countertenor Kangmin Justin Kim explains.

What is the difference between relative and perfect pitch?

1 month ago

Auld Lang Syne

What are the lyrics to Auld Lang Syne, and what does Auld Lang Syne actually mean?

1 month ago

savviwriting post

This written representation of performance directions is absolute genius

1 month ago

Renée Zellweger's 'Over the Rainbow' from the Judy soundtrack is out now

Renée Zellweger performing ‘Over The Rainbow’ as Judy Garland is so epic we asked a professional soprano to analyse it

1 month ago

Bach translation

This website auto-translated Bach masterpieces – and it’s both tragic and wonderful

1 month ago