happy birthday fugue

This fugue on ‘Happy Birthday’ is what every musician needs to hear on their special day

4 days ago

Why do orchestras tune to an ‘A’?

Why do orchestras tune to an ‘A’?

5 days ago

leonard bernstein eyebrows

Watch Leonard Bernstein conduct an orchestra using only his EYEBROWS

5 days ago

Bernstein, L

Tone Deaf Comics

The Periodic Table of Musical Notation will impress your music theory-loving friends

6 days ago


What is the point of practising scales?

8 days ago

Reading music

Why should I learn to read music?

14 days ago

Perfect pitch

What is perfect pitch, how do I get it and which singers have it?

15 days ago

Lady Gaga Fugue

The epic Baroque Fugue on a Theme by Lady Gaga

18 days ago