Cat listening to Mahler

This cat listening to Mahler is basically all of us

7 days ago


violin bridge

A pupil’s parent helped assemble their new violin and the results were... unusual

12 days ago

harry connick clapping

Ingenious: this is how you correct the audience when they're clapping on the wrong beat

12 days ago

The Twelve Tones of Christmas

The Twelve Days of Christmas, composed as a 12-tone masterpiece

18 days ago

TwoSet Violin Roast

Actors being roasted by two professional violinists is hilariously brutal

19 days ago

Amadeus Café, Mahon

This restaurant wanted to put some beautiful music on their menu… and made a really bad choice

26 days ago

Cat duet

This choirboy ‘cat duet’ is definitely the weirdest thing you’ll watch today

29 days ago

Mobile phone interrupts Brahms

Someone’s phone interrupted a Brahms concert – and it was really awkward

1 month ago

Baby sings O holy night

This tiny baby can sing ‘O Holy Night’ better than you

1 month ago

Baritone sings Rossini with Kendrick Lamar

An operatic baritone perfectly mixed Rossini’s ‘Figaro’ aria with Kendrick Lamar

1 month ago

French horn and chair duet

We can't stop laughing at this duet for French horn and squeaky chair

1 month ago

Alto line in Christmas

The alto line from ‘All I Want For Christmas’ is the most boring and painful thing

1 month ago

Which composer should you marry?

Quiz: Which composer should you marry?

1 month ago


Wagner hammer

A percussionist used a massive hammer during Wagner and it went terribly wrong

1 month ago


bolero trombone fail

This trombone fail will make you laugh and then immediately feel awful for laughing

1 month ago