Instruments in pants

Putting your instrument in your pants is now a meme, because the world is ending

2 days ago

Brahms’ Monument, Vienna

We used the What3Words app to find classical landmarks – and the results were beyond perfect

4 days ago

11 reasons you should never date a classical music

11 reasons you should never date a classical musician

8 days ago

We'll roast you based on your instrument

QUIZ: Tell us which instrument you play and we’ll roast you.

8 days ago


Hip-hop opera analysis

This guy’s hip-hop synopsis of a Mozart opera is going viral – and we can see why

9 days ago

Gross classical music things

16 objectively disgusting things all musicians do

9 days ago

Bad stock photos of musicians

A highly dubious guide to musical instruments, according to stock photos

11 days ago

Cat listening to Mahler

This cat listening to Mahler is basically all of us

14 days ago


Fleur de Bray sings to piglets

Soprano sings Donizetti to piglets and it’s wonderfully chaotic

18 days ago

Perfume for musicians

Six essential fragrances for every musician

19 days ago

Why are musicians worried about scales

19 tweets about classical music that are funny, relatable and frankly ridiculous

23 days ago

Man plays rubber chicken

Man hilariously plays the recorder with a squeezy rubber chicken

26 days ago

Music theory song

This one song teaches you basically everything you need to know about music theory

29 days ago

Countertenor singing hack

This countertenor has found an amazing hack for hitting a top C

29 days ago

Would you rather: D flat minor or alto clef

This classical music version of ‘Would you rather?’ is absolutely excruciating

1 month ago


Choir trolls John Rutter

This choir trolled actual John Rutter by singing ‘I Can’t Believe it’s not Rutter’

1 month ago