Sight-reading by Josh Wells

Can you pass the ultimate sight-reading eye test?

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Musicians on Halloween

Musicians have been sharing their geeky Halloween costumes – and they’re just perfect

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accompanist worst things meme

The 10 worst things about being an accompanist

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The Harry Potter theme, but in the style of a Rachmaninov Etude

The Harry Potter theme, but in the style of a Rachmaninov Etude

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shostakovich beyonce

Beyoncé dancing to a Shostakovich symphony works surprisingly well

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internet hates classical

10 times the Internet threw serious shade at classical music

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Music geek rates violin emojis

This music geek just rated every single violin emoji – and it’s hilarious

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Music theory song

This one song teaches you basically everything you need to know about music theory

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pizzacato meme 2

27 classical music memes that will completely define your life

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Sister teaches cello

13 posts that perfectly sum up the life of a music teacher

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Composer quotes quiz

Quiz: Can you complete the famous quotation from each composer?

1 month ago


john williams prank

Brass section pranks their orchestra with a massive blast of Star Wars in the middle of Prokofiev

1 month ago


Can we guess your name?

Quiz: Can we guess your NAME from your musical taste?

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Broken piano key

This pianist played Stravinsky so hard he BROKE a piano key

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What's the right orchestral instrument for you?

Which musical instrument is right for you?

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