This dog sings along to Bach

This dog can sing along to Bach’s ‘Air on the G String’ – and we’re genuinely impressed

1 day ago


Sister teaches cello

13 posts that perfectly sum up the life of a music teacher

2 days ago

Adele fugue

Some grade-A music geek has turned Adele’s 'Hello' into a Bach Fugue

6 days ago

choirboy inhales helium

Choirboy inhales a big gulp of helium in Allegri’s Miserere – and hits the high C

8 days ago

School orchestra problems

18 things you’ll only understand if you played in your school orchestra

10 days ago

Tenor voice crack

This enormous tenor voice crack is the best thing you’ll hear today

13 days ago

Orchestra Strauss fail

This orchestra switched instruments and tried to play Strauss – and it was a train-wreck

14 days ago

Handel with care

21 classical music dad jokes you’re going to hate yourself for laughing at

17 days ago

Y tho

16 ‘Y tho’ memes that only musicians will relate to

17 days ago

Africa by Melodica Men

Toto’s ‘Africa’ played on melodicas is a recipe for pure joy

17 days ago

Music on a balloon and a ping-pong paddle

‘Habanera’ by Bizet, but it’s played on a ping-pong paddle

17 days ago

Bassoon squeaky chair

This duet for bassoon and squeaky chair is just hilarious

22 days ago

violin smash prank

This is still hands-down the greatest orchestra prank in history

22 days ago

Cat listening to Mahler

This cat listening to Mahler is basically all of us

23 days ago


Alfred Schnittke gravestone

Alfred Schnittke basically has the greatest gravestone ever

1 month ago