story of my life meme

17 classical music memes that perfectly sum up your love life

5 days ago

chocolate bar musical taste

Can we guess your favourite chocolate bar from your favourite composer?

9 days ago

dinosaur conducts jurassic park

Jurassic Park conducted by an actual dinosaur is hilarious

14 days ago


music history in cat gifs

The entire history of classical music in cat gifs

14 days ago

Bad Beethoven t-shirt reviews

Music geeks are reviewing this incorrect Beethoven t-shirt and it’s hilarious

14 days ago

Amadeus Café, Mahon

This restaurant wanted to put some beautiful music on their menu… and made a really bad choice

15 days ago

whistling queen of the night aria

This guy perfectly WHISTLES Mozart's fiendishly difficult Queen of the Night Aria

Mobile phone interrupts Brahms

Someone’s phone interrupted a Brahms concert – and it was really awkward

20 days ago

Tolkien Circle of Fifths

If J.R.R. Tolkien had invented the circle of fifths

21 days ago

Mahler prank

This orchestra expertly pranked their conductor with a Mahler/Happy Birthday mashup

Beethoven's Fifth Symphony, played on a marker pen

Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, but it’s played on a MARKER PEN

1 month ago

pizzacato meme 2

28 classical music memes that will completely define your life

1 month ago

Berlin Philharmonic prank video

The Berlin Philharmonic pranked its soloist by playing the wrong concerto… but it didn't go to plan

1 month ago

What's your favourite food?

Quiz: can we guess your favourite food from your musical taste?

1 month ago

Out of tune

15 things your music teacher says vs. what they REALLY mean