12 first-rate memes you’ll understand if you have a friend with perfect pitch

6 January 2021, 16:53

By Kyle Macdonald

Every choir has one, every orchestra has one, and every muso friendship group has one. If you or someone you love has ever remarked on their absolute auditory excellence, these memes are for you.

  1. Note-ification

    Ping. Picture: Instagram
  2. When you have perfect pitch, every day is your special day

    Wedding. Picture: Getty
  3. Unwelcome small talk

    Perfect pitch
    Perfect pitch. Picture: Me.me
  4. *raises hand in class*

    Perfect pitch
    Perfect pitch. Picture: Me.me
  5. Flushed with pride

  6. ... annoyingly impressive

  7. Rest in Perfection

    Funeral. Picture: sadanduseless.com
  8. Pitch Pitcher Picture

  9. Grave responsibilities

  10. Some important news to share xo

    Ice cream
    Ice cream. Picture: Me.me
  11. What was that note?

  12. *never sneezes again*