Music geeks are tearing apart this ‘Joy to the World’ cake and it’s hilarious

10 July 2019, 16:19 | Updated: 28 November 2019, 15:00

Joy to the World
Joy to the World. Picture: MusicianTee

By Maddy Shaw Roberts

Someone has attempted to make a lovely musical cake – but a few people aren’t happy.

When famed US hymn composer Lowell Mason wrote the melody to ‘Joy to the World’ in the mid-19th century, he wrote it in 2/4 time with a bouncy, dotted rhythm.

Unfortunately this cake, which reads ‘Joy to the World… is a major scale’, appears to have ignored all the original meter of the song.

Now, it has become the subject of Instagram-based ridicule:

Comments include: "Cute, but the metric notation is a tad bit off", "None of the measures have a full 4 beats" and "oh this is a train wreck".

At least the key signature is right…!

Didn’t spot all the mistakes?

Here’s the original score for comparison:

Joy to the World original
Joy to the World original. Picture: IMSLP/Handel

All credit for the cake goes to Deborah Rambo Sinn.