19 classical music memes to tickle your inner music geek

20 February 2020, 17:06 | Updated: 20 February 2020, 19:03

Goldfish meme
Goldfish meme. Picture: Classic FM/u/figment1979

By Maddy Shaw Roberts

Musos, meme-lovers, unite and enjoy some free chuckles courtesy of these top-tier classical music memes.

  1. Joey doesn’t do accidentals.

    Joey eyes
    Joey eyes. Picture: Classic FM
  2. Oldie but a goodie

    4/4. Picture: Social media
  3. Do, re, mi

    Do re mi so...
    Do re mi so... Picture: @musicnotes
  4. Accidental-ly in love

    Accidentals. Picture: @musician_memess
  5. It burns

    What musicians are afraid of
    What musicians are afraid of. Picture: Social media
  6. When musicians have pets...

    Goldfish. Picture: H/T: u/figment1979
  7. Shout out to Grade 5 theory for helping me through this one

    Plagalism. Picture: anton.bruckner.524
  8. Beethoven: the original memester

    Beethoven without ear
    Beethoven without ear. Picture: Social media
  9. People with perfect pitch be like...

    Perfect pitch
    Perfect pitch. Picture: sadanduseless.com
  10. Treble clef never looked so tasty

    Treble clef curly fry
    Treble clef curly fry. Picture: Social media
  11. My brain just imploded looking at this

    How to annoy a musician
    How to annoy a musician. Picture: Social media
  12. Music is everywhere...

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  13. Nobody likes A#

    Sad A# cat
    Sad A# cat. Picture: Social media
  14. Very good

    10/10. Picture: Reddit
  15. Sweet relief

    Rehearsal is cancelled
    Rehearsal is cancelled. Picture: Adam Ellis & @marchingb.nd
  16. Music stands: accounting for 99% of musicians’ frustrations

    Music stand
    Music stand. Picture: Tumblr/mendelssohn-kin
  17. *gulps*

    Hard to swallow pills
    Hard to swallow pills. Picture: Tumblr/anxiousviolist
  18. Need to marry whoever made this meme

  19. Clonk.

    Alto clef
    Alto clef. Picture: @orchestra_humour