Chopin Funeral March backwards

Chopin’s ‘Funeral March’ played backwards sounds bizarrely psychedelic

13 hours ago

Brahms on banjo

Brahms’ Hungarian Dance No. 5, but really fast and on a BANJO

14 hours ago

Dominik Połoński has died, aged 41

Cellist who lost the use of his left hand because of brain cancer dies, aged 41

18 hours ago

Clean Bandit at Capital's Summertime Ball

MP takes a selfie with Clean Bandit but it is really, really not Clean Bandit

2 days ago

String quartet in traffic jam

A string quartet played Pachelbel’s Canon in a massive traffic jam and calmed everyone’s rage

3 days ago

Eric Abramovitz clarinettist

Girlfriend sued for $375,000 after impersonating clarinetist and sabotaging his career

3 days ago