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Sunday 18 April

  • 10pm - 1am

    Smooth Classics with Myleene Klass

    Myleene presents her selection of smooth classics - the most relaxing classical music - to help you wind down at the end of the day.

  • 1am - 4am

    Katie Breathwick

    Enjoy the early hours in the company of Katie Breathwick and relaxing classical music.

  • 4am - 7am

    Sam Pittis

    Sam Pittis accompanies your Sunday morning with a wonderful selection of classical music.

  • 7am - 10am

    Aled Jones

    Aled selects three hours of favourite music, from choral classics through to new discoveries, and at 9am join him for the Classic FM Hall of Fame Hour.

  • 10am - 1pm

    Bill Turnbull

    Soundtrack your Sunday with Bill Turnbull. He has three hours of classical favourites and hidden gems on the way on Classic FM.

  • 1pm - 4pm

    Catherine Bott

    Join Catherine Bott for three hours of the world's greatest music this afternoon.

  • 4pm - 7pm

    John Humphrys

    John keeps you company this afternoon with his own stories and reflections on his favourite composers and their music.

  • 7pm - 9pm

    Smooth Classics at Seven with Charlotte Hawkins

    Charlotte Hawkins is your host for a two-hour Sunday night Smooth Classics at Seven - including her Young Classical Star feature.

  • 9pm - 10pm

    Music for Monarchy with Debbie Wiseman

    Debbie Wiseman continues her exploration of the musical world of Kings and Queens, and the musical passions of British monarchs.

  • 10pm - 1am

    Smooth Classics with Myleene Klass

    Relax after the weekend with Myleene Klass on Smooth Classics.

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