13 things soprano Anna Netrebko does better than you

22 June 2017, 15:46 | Updated: 22 June 2017, 15:59

Anna Netrebko social queen

Anna Netrebko is one of the brightest stars of the opera world, she’s in demand at opera houses around the world and her performances sell out instantly. She is also on social media to remind you that she’s an absolute queen and we’re lucky to be sharing the world with her.

So without further ado, here are 11 things that Anna Netrebko does better than you.

1. Citybreaks

2. Going to a museum

3. Being on holiday


La Banda in Paris. Банда в Париже...нас много..

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4. Relaxing in the park

5. Christmas

6. Also: Easter

Easter Anna Netrebko

7. Being at the Niagara Falls

8. Wearing a dress

9. Being in a lift


Парти вчера. Лифтолукabout last night

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10. Popping out to the shops

11. Snow

12. Having her hair done


Работаем с @felixfischerhair work, work...

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13. Oh… and singing



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Never, ever change, Queen Anna.