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Mother asks TikTok to play her 10-year-old daughter’s melody, and a whole string orchestra responded

Cobar Sound Chapel Official Opening

Australian water tank turned ‘sound chapel’ brings 24-hour classical music to the Outback

Viola jokes burn the worst

This gag from 1714 is thought to be the earliest known viola joke

Two musicians find an abandoned US church

When two musicians found an abandoned country church, they knew what to do…

Violin rosin

What the heck is rosin – and why do violinists need it?

Worst things about viola

The 10 worst things about being a viola player

Emperor Naruhito is a keen violist

Japan has a new viola-playing Emperor, and Donald Trump just gave him a viola

Violist yells during concerto

This violist just started plain yelling in the middle of a concerto – and it was terrifying

Leonardo da Vinci viola organista

Leonardo da Vinci invented this musical instrument – and it sounds remarkable

Viola problems

9 things they didn't tell you about playing the viola

Anthony Hewitt and Alistair Rutherford to cycle 180 miles for ARCO

Record-breaking cyclist to cycle 180 miles dressed as a VIOLA

Britten's viola

Listen to Britten played on Britten’s VERY OWN viola

'Up' by a string quartet

The ‘Up’ theme tune, but it’s played by a string quartet

Viola player uses instrument to disrupt criminal activity

Music student plays the viola to stop drug dealers