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Cello hair problems

16 string player confessions that will make you say ‘same’

Viola player Marie-Jeanne

‘It’s embarrassing and unfair,’ says violist made to carry instrument on her lap during a Ryanair flight

Classical music Autocomplete

Classical music... according to Google Autocomplete

Alexey Shor, composer

‘I wish people wrote more tuneful music’ - composer Alexey Shor

string instruments quiz

How well do you know your string instruments?

Viola fail

Try not to jump out of your seat at this hilarious viola fail

viola security damage

‘I don’t care’: reported response of airport security guard who damaged 300-year-old instrument

Raghad Haddad

‘My homeland is torn and I want to heal it’: meet the inspiring Syrian musician making a new life in the UK

Students design brace to help 9-year-old with cere

9 year old with cerebral palsy can now play viola thanks to some impressive engineering

Violin or viola

What’s the difference between a violin and a viola?

T Rex playing Jurassic Park

Here’s the Jurassic Park theme on a viola… played by a T-Rex

viola player expression

We can’t stop watching the expression on this viola player’s face

The running viola

This absolute maverick is running a marathon dressed as a VIOLA. AGAIN.

Borusan Quartet CD cover - Company

‘I see them more than my wife’: the Borusan Quartet’s warning to young musicians

Lech Antonio plays viola at the Great Wall

Watch: this violist played Bach on the Great Wall of China

Brooklyn Duo and Dover Quartet

‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ for string quartet, piano and cello will give you goosebumps

QoalaQuartett Spin Challenge

Everybody should take part in the Spin Quartet Challenge

Student gets on his mark for world record attempt

Student to run half marathon dressed as a viola in world record attempt