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The 10 worst things about playing the flute

Mischievous cat steals owner’s music stand during flute practice.

Mischievous cat repeatedly steals owner’s music stand during flute practice

This is what a 12,000-year-old bone flute may have sounded like

Archaeologists uncover tiny 12,000-year-old flutes which mimic the piercing calls of prehistoric birds

Yellowstone National Park seismic activity transformed into a mesmerising flute solo, performed by Dr Alyssa Schwartz.

Scientist transforms volcanic vibrations at Yellowstone park into a hypnotic flute solo

Lizzo: pop star, flute star, and now an animated sitcom voice-over star.

Lizzo and her flute star in The Simpsons season finale, in ‘dream come true’ cameo

Musical friends – Lizzo and Sir James Galway

‘Sir James Galway championed the flute in the 1970s – Lizzo is doing the same for today’s generation!’

Lizzo and Sir James Galway at Met Gala 2023

Lizzo and Sir James Galway’s ‘treasured’ duet – flute footage emerges from 2023 Met Gala

Man plays ‘world’s largest flutes’, creating the perfect eerie soundtrack for The Whale movie

Man plays ‘world’s largest flutes’, creating the perfect eerie soundtrack for The Whale movie

A new collaboration?

Lizzo is eyeing up pop star Adele for a duet – on the flute

From one flute legend to another: Sir James Galway plays a musical message to Lizzo

Lizzo weeps tears of joy as flautist hero James Galway plays her a Christmas carol

Ironworker Paul Harvey plays 'Lord of the Rings' theme on flute in abandoned tunnel

Flute player performs haunting ‘Lord of the Rings’ melody in mile-long tunnel

Andrea Fisher performs ‘Danse Macabre’ on flute and organ

Flautist plays ‘Danse Macabre’ in a creepily coordinated organ duet with herself

Lizzo plays a flute which belonged to former American President, James Madison in the Library of Congress

Inside Lizzo’s historically important flute performance at the Library of Congress

Lizzo performs on a crystal flute, courtesy of the Library of Congress, in Washington D.C.

Lizzo makes history by playing the Library of Congress’ 200-year-old crystal flute

Two masked flute players in a Hong Kong propaganda video.

Hong Kong propaganda video showing ‘double-masked’ flute players catches attention

Lizzo plays virtuosic flute solo for James Corden in Carpool Karaoke sketch.

Lizzo whips out a virtuosic 19th-century flute solo in Carpool Karaoke sketch with James Corden