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Eternal Source of Light Divine

Soprano and saxophonist’s rendition of ‘Eternal Source of Light Divine’ will tingle your spine

Aidan Brown saxophone performance

Class looks on in awe as 8th-grade saxophonist burns through ‘Flight of the Bumblebee’

Saxophonist plays into pipeline and creates catchy tune

Saxophonist plays into giant industrial pipe to play a duet with his own echo

Jess Gillam

Who is Jess Gillam, the saxophonist? Recordings, age, concerts and social media

Watch this little boy's heartwarming reaction to his grandpa playing the saxophone

A little boy’s reaction to his grandpa’s saxophone solo is love and joy

Dame Judi Dench wants to learn how to play the saxophone

Dame Judi Dench wants to learn the saxophone – and thinks now might be the best time to do it