Her saxophonist neighbour wouldn’t stop playing ‘Pink Panther’, so she chronicled her nightmare

10 February 2021, 18:35

Pink Panther practise
Pink Panther practise. Picture: not_lindsay / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

By Kyle Macdonald

We all know the tune – now imagine hearing it 24/7. Welcome to Lindsay's endlessly jazzy world.

Henry Mancini's Theme to the Pink Panther is one of the most iconic soft jazz themes. Its cooly creeping theme is beloved by many budding saxophonists.

But there's at least one person who might be getting a little more than her fair share of the catchy 1960s melody.

In a post, Instagrammer and tweeter Lindsay wrote: “For months I lived next to a sax player who would quite literally not stop playing the pink panther theme song.”

That alone tells you about everything you need to know.

With her phone camera flipped to Selfie, Lindsay captures her persistent Mancini misery. Though she does try her best to groove along, she probably wouldn't have chosen this theme as the soundtrack to her entire life.

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Saxophone player plays the Pink Panther theme song during lockdown

Many who have lived in thin-walled flats and apartments with music-loving neighbours will feel Lindsay's pain. But hey, at least this budding and enthusiastic instrumentalist is practising through lockdown.

Lindsay, we wish you some moments of peace. And to her neighbour, we wish a delivery of some new sheet music.

And this succinct reply made us laugh...