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Camille Bertault

This vocalist flawlessly SINGS the most difficult jazz saxophone solo of all-time

alto saxophone - 128 notes

Alto saxophonist shares his astonishing trick for playing 128 notes in an octave

Xenon Quartet - Ligeti Bagatelles

Ligeti for saxophone quartet is properly exhilarating

Dawkes Saxophone BreakIn

40 saxophones have been stolen from a family run shop in Maidenhead

Flight of the Bumblebee saxophones

Flight of the Bumblebee for saxophone sextet is totally astounding

Baritone saxophone euphonium

This is what happens if you put a baritone sax mouthpiece on a euphonium

levitating saxophone paper

What happens when you drop a piece of paper into a saxophone bell?

Ferio Saxophone Quartet

Watch a saxophone quartet perform – up-close

baritone saxophone bach cello suite

A Bach cello suite on baritone saxophone is the most peaceful thing you'll hear today

"Obsession", Sonata 2 for Solo Violin -Eugene Ysay

We're *obsessed* with this saxophone cover of a 20th century violin sonata

Amy Dickson saxophone

How do you circular breathe? We asked an expert

musician every day tips

10 extremely simple things musicians can do every day to make life a little easier

dog duets with saxophone

This dog sounds so much like a saxophone we can’t really believe it

bolero no melody

Ravel’s Bolero with no melody is the most boring thing you've ever heard

colin stetson gorecki

Gorecki’s Symphony of Sorrowful Songs on massive saxophone sounds surprisingly wonderful

rahsaan rolank kirk plays three saxophones

This legendary jazzer effortlessly plays three saxes at once. And it sounds so mighty.

bolero saxophone fail

A poor saxophonist lost a spring and it made Bolero solo sound exceptionally weird