Cockatiel ‘sings’ operatic scales with frankly lovely vibrato

7 October 2020, 13:51 | Updated: 7 October 2020, 15:02

Cockatiel appears to practise operatic scales
Cockatiel appears to practise operatic scales. Picture: YouTube / Skylend's Friendly Flock

By Sian Moore

If this parrot can practise his scales, what’s your excuse?

We’ve seen many talented birds showcasing their impressive vocal ranges, with renditions of ‘Happy Birthday’ and even Mozart’s ultimate soprano flex – the ‘Queen of the Night’ aria.

And for a moment, we worried that the talents of parrots may have beak-ed.

Then we saw this charming cockatiel, Yoki, who appears to use some lovely vibrato as he flexes his vocal range, warming up his higher and lower registers as a professional opera singer might.

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Opera Singing Cockatiel

As it turns out, Yoki has all the appearance of an opera singer – but sadly none of the skills.

“Cockatiels often appear as though they are singing when they do this, but no sounds come out,” the Skylend’s Friendly Flock video description reads. “Well, it was about time that someone fixes that.”

He might not have the vocals, but we have a lot of time for this little bird’s appreciation of opera.