Virtuosic parrot sings and plays ‘Happy Birthday’ on the piano, all by itself

25 June 2020, 13:48

Parrot plays ‘Happy Birthday’ on the piano
Parrot plays ‘Happy Birthday’ on the piano. Picture: Facebook / Jenny African Grey Parrot

By Sian Moore

This parrot’s Polly-rhythms are better than yours.

What’s small, has wings and can play ‘Happy Birthday’ on the piano? This African Grey parrot, apparently.

Watch in the video below as Jenny, the pint-sized bird, takes to a full-sized keyboard to give a rendition of the famous melody.

Surprisingly, she pretty much gets it on the nose beak. It seems the latest virtuoso of the animal kingdom has arrived…

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Talented parrot sings and plays 'Happy Birthday' song on piano

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The mini pianist may be guided by red lights under the keys indicating which one to press next, but that doesn’t account for her natural sense of rhythm.

Considering her musical digits amount to just a tiny beak – and that she is, of course, a parrot – it’s a great little cover.

Seems this little bird has set her musical expectations sky-high...