Six parrots that can sing opera better than you

You'll be simply stunned by these amazing polly-phonic performances. From 'Nessun Dorma' to the Queen of the Night's aria, these beaked beauties are definitely the equal of their human counterparts* (*they aren't).

1. Those fiendish top Fs

After a bit of a vocal warm up, Menino the parrot dazzles in producing the most painfully difficult notes of the Queen of the Night's aria from Mozart's The Magic Flute - and delivers more of them than is either required or humanly possible.  

2. Robinson Caruso's parrot

This feathered fellow attempts to scale new heights - both vocally and on his perch - as he attempts to join in with Pavarotti on the ballad, Caruso. At times, he sounds more like Albert Steptoe.

3. Turandot - not

Poor polly is trying his best to sing along to 'Nessun Dorma' but at one point lapses into the Queen of the Night's aria. At least he and Pavarotti finish together. Well, almost.

4. Queens of the Night

Just to add authenticity to their Magic Flute rendition, these two perch-mates keep the coloratura going into the night. Amazingly, their owner hasn't yet moved to different post code to escape them.

5. Classic caterwauling

Kermet the parrot is trying his best to woo his furry housemate with operatic highlights. He sounds like an extra from Night Of The Living Dead. The cat remains unimpressed.

6. The Parrot and Plughole

Not the name of a seedy pub, rather the post-modernist setting for this heart-rending operatic moment. This diva has even perfected her own self-congratulatory 'Bravos'.