7-year-old Ukrainian refugee sings heart wrenching national anthem in Poland, after fleeing Kyiv

23 March 2022, 14:06 | Updated: 23 March 2022, 14:13

Girl from Frozen viral video performs Ukrainian national anthem in Poland

By Sophia Alexandra Hall

The young musician became a viral sensation when a video of her singing Disney’s ‘Let it Go’ in a bomb shelter was posted 3 weeks ago.

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On Sunday night, 7-year-old Amelia Anisovych walked onto the stage of the Atlas Arena in Poland to give an a cappella performance of the Ukrainian national anthem (watch above).

Her crystal clear voice filled the 13,000-seat venue in the Polish city of Lodz, and the audience raised their phone lights and torches up in a moving show of solidarity with Anisovych, and the country of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian refugee first came to international attention at the beginning of March, when a video of her singing ‘Let it Go’ in a bomb shelter was posted to Facebook.

Anisovych was invited to sing her national anthem at Sunday's concert, ‘Together with Ukraine’ - in aid of Polish Humanitarian Action, just days after she arrived in the country, after fleeing from her own.

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Ukrainian child goes viral after singing from bunker

The 7-year-old fled with her siblings and grandmother while her parents stayed behind in Kyiv. Days before her performance at ‘Together with Ukraine’, she was reunited with her mother. Her father remains in Ukraine’s capital.

Her mother Lilian Anisovych, who watched her daughter’s Sunday performance backstage, said she could hear the 7-year-old muttering “nightmare, nightmare” into her microphone before stepping out into the tightly-packed arena.

But though the trauma and nerves, she gave the most meaningful and moving performance.

In less than 2 weeks, this young girl went from singing in a bomb shelter, to a stadium full of supporters.

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Ukranian man plays country's national anthem in a bomb shelter

Anisovych is not the only Ukrainian musician to have shared their talents whilst sheltering from Russian attacks.

Over the last month since Russia first invaded, multiple videos of musicians playing music in shelters have emerged across social media, demonstrating the art form’s ability to bring people together in the worst of times.

In a recent poignant video, 94 violinists played alongside a young Ukrainian soloist stuck inside a bomb shelter in Kyiv.

Another violinist played the 19th-century Ukrainian folk song What a moonlit night, written by Mykola Lysenko to her fellow shelterees in a video that has been viewed over 2 million times.

Even Ukrainian soldiers have found solace in music, with this video of a violinist dressed in camouflage uniform performing the national anthem for his colleagues in military barracks.