Delirious dog sings virtuosic vocal solo in a piano room

25 March 2021, 08:59 | Updated: 25 October 2022, 17:26

Delirious dog sings unimaginably virtuosic vocal solo in a piano room
Delirious dog sings unimaginably virtuosic vocal solo in a piano room. Picture: Päivi Joensuu/Facebook

By Maddy Shaw Roberts

When your dog is a dead ringer for Pavarotti…

A musical dog has been caught on camera standing on his hind legs, paws to piano keys, and singing away to his heart’s content.

His name is Elmo, and he’s an Irish setter who loves being taken to piano rooms.

In the video above, which has reached the eyeballs of millions of doggo lovers around the world, Elmo lets rip with a virtuosic aria for the ages, while accompanying himself on keys.

Halfway through his solo, he does a little side-eye to the camera, just to check this great moment of music is still being captured (watch below).

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Back to work 🐕🐾 Helteet hellitti 😇 Jaksaa taas musisoida🎶🎹🎶

Posted by Päivi Joensuu on Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Eventually, Elmo grows tired of his moment in the spotlight, sheepishly putting paws back to ground.

The video was posted by Elmo’s owner, Päivi Joensuu, who lives with her pet in Finland. She captured the video in August of 2018, during a heatwave (yep, in Finland).

“Back to work,” Joensuu captioned the clip. “The heatwaves eased up. Able to play music again.”

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As it happens, Elmo has been building quite the worldwide career as a piano influencer.

Here he is at the keys again – but this time, he’s testing out a grand piano after its service. 13/10 very good boy.

Elmo, singing Irish setter testing a grand piano after service

We are now left anxiously awaiting the release of Elmo’s debut album – of Herbert Howells, perhaps?