This fiery piano visualisation of ‘Mufasa’s Theme’ from The Lion King will set you ablaze with emotions

24 July 2019, 16:46

By Maddy Shaw Roberts

Watch this stunning visualisation of Hanz Zimmer’s most moving theme from ‘The Lion King’, and hate Scar’s guts all over again.

‘Mufasa’s Theme’ is probably one of Hans Zimmer’s greatest ever achievements – and it’s all about that gorgeous, swelling melody.

Following the remake of The Lion King, the theme has been given a set of new visuals thanks to Dutch YouTuber-pianist Noud van Harskamp (watch the whole performance above.)

The great theme, coupled with a beautiful orange LED visualisation on Noud’s keyboard, is enough to make us start crying all over again.

Well, Zimmer won that Oscar for a reason.