Vocalist sings spine-tinglingly beautiful ‘Arabian Nights’ in an empty museum acoustic

24 March 2021, 12:26

Singer does a cappella ‘Aladdin’ in an empty museum
Singer does a cappella ‘Aladdin’ in an empty museum. Picture: JADA

By Sian Moore

Goosebumps are guaranteed in this awe-inspiring performance filmed in an empty museum.

The 1992 film Aladdin is filled with some exceptionally memorable songs. Conceived by Alan Menken, the album that features musical earworms ‘A Whole New World’ and ‘Arabian Nights’ won the composer two of his eight Oscars, and has become one of Disney’s most enduring soundtracks.

So, when this Tennessee-based vocalist was given the chance to perform in an empty museum, she knew what to do.

Just listen to JADA’s vocals echo around the chamber, as she scoops up to that lovely raised 7th in the scale, and feel the tingles come as the echo takes a second or two to catch up with her.

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Musician sings a cappella rendition of Aladdin’s ‘Arabian Nights’ in empty museum


And there’s more from JADA, too. Take a look at the moment she sang Hercules in a deserted museum, while stood in front of a towering statue of Athena.

Over two million people have watched the singer’s mesmerising ‘Arabian Nights’ since it was posted last month.

“This is what everyone thinks they sound like when singing in the shower,” one person commented. Sorry, neighbours...