Four virtuoso pianists astonish passersby with epic boogie-woogie improvisation

2 February 2023, 17:32 | Updated: 2 February 2023, 23:54

Four musicians on a street piano
Four musicians on a street piano. Picture: Camden Stewart / YouTube

By Kyle Macdonald

When a quartet of musicians descend on a public piano, you know you’re in for a treat...

A street piano in London was the location for this epic boogie-woogie blues improvisation. Times four, in fact.

It all happened in a newly refurbished quarter of south London, around the historic Battersea Power Station. Within the Thames-side development of chic apartments and coffee shops, planners have placed a public piano.

But a public instrument needs a player. And on this day, four of them showed up...

Pianist Camden Bonsu-Stewart started the boogie-woogie riffs at the piano, with three fellow pianists looking on. And of course it was not long until Jared Nandra, Theophilus Martins and Cole Lam joined in.

The slowly expanding improvisation over a jazzy, walking bass line is a wonderful way to showcase not only the skills, understanding and spontaneity of the players, but also the wonderful value of having pianos that are accessible and freely playable around the city.

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Four pianists play chaotic but perfect duet on London piano at Battersea power station

It was a musical moment that the dozens of people standing around, including a few adorable youngsters, were no doubt unlikely to forget.

“Four pianists and one piano in public be like…”, said Camden when uploading the video to his digital profiles.

You can watch a host of other pianistic happenings and encounters on Camden’s YouTube channel and on Instagram at camdenmusique.

And if this gets you in the mood for more public piano performances – here’s something special. Earlier in January, Classic FM’s More Music Breakfast host Tim Lihoreau, joined superstar virtuoso Isata Kanneh-Mason for a duet on the famous public piano of St Pancras Station in London. Watch them fondly play some Fauré...

Isata Kanneh-Mason and Tim Lihoreau play a piano duet at St Pancras station!

Thanks to everyone, solo, duo, or quartet, who are striding in the direction of these instruments, and sharing these wonderful moments of musicality and togetherness.