Classical pianist plays impromptu duet with playful toddler in middle of train station

10 March 2023, 16:02

Pianist Karim Kamar is joined by an unexpected, pocket-sized duet partner...
Pianist Karim Kamar is joined by an unexpected, pocket-sized duet partner... Picture: Karim Kamar

By Sophia Alexandra Hall

This very cute duet has gone viral on TikTok, drawing in new fans for both the street pianist and his young protégé...

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Music has the power to surprise you – you never know where that next duet or inspiring collaboration could come from.

Karim Kamar is a contemporary classical pianist and composer from London. He has performed at some of the country’s most iconic venues, from Ronnie Scott’s to the Royal Albert Hall. But his latest viral moment took place on a rather more unusual stage...

Kamar has racked up millions of views across platforms such as YouTube, Instagram Reels, and TikTok for his #StreetPiano performances, where the musician films himself playing impromptu concerts on public pianos.

Pianos in train stations have become surprisingly commonplace across the UK and other countries, as a joyful way for travellers to bring music to each other at the start, middle, or end of their journeys – as has been witnessed in Channel 4’s The Piano.

In his latest video, Kamar is filmed being adorably ambushed on a piano in London’s St Pancras International train station by a musically curious toddler. What followed was an unexpected duet between the two musicians...

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Karim Kamar teaches kid how to play piano in St Pancras

Kamar helps the young child up onto the piano stool, lifting them up (both literally and figuratively) so their small hands can reach the massive keyboard.

The classical pianist then takes the toddler’s right-hand, and helps them to start playing the familiar tune of ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’. Kamar accompanies them both with chords in his left hand.

The young (and perhaps first-time) pianist’s joy is evident from the toddler’s expression, and the wonderful duet has left TikTok fans in a similarly giddy-state.

One TikTok viewer commented, “You just created a core memory & maybe inspired the little fellow!!”, while another added “This [interaction has] probably sparked a lifelong love of piano in this little one ❤️”.

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Karim Kamar plays piano for people in St Pancras

And it’s not just children who are entranced by Kamar’s performances. Adults are equally impressed by the musician’s prowess. In the above video, Kamar has passersby bringing their daily commute to a standstill just to listen in.

But, if you don’t happen upon Kamar during your next train station journey, you can always follow him on YouTube or his other social media platforms for more of his musical adventures.