No Time To Die: what’s the music in the new Bond film and when is it released?

4 December 2019, 13:37 | Updated: 4 December 2019, 17:33

By Kyle Macdonald

The music to 007’s latest outing has been revealed. Here’s what we think.

We’ve donned the dinner jacket, poured the martini, and wrapped our ears around the spectacular new trailer to Bond 25.

When it comes to Bond themes we’re expecting punchy brass, moody sweeping themes, bruising moments of percussion, and, of course, the E minor Major 9 chord that’s become synonymous with cinema’s best-dressed franchise.

Who is composing the music for No Time To Die?

American composer Dan Romer is taking on the scoring honours for this outing. He’s a new name to Bond fans, but comes with quite the CV, having written soundtracks to Oscar-nominated Beasts of the Southern Wild, Beasts of No Nation, Chasing Coral, Gleason and Good Doctor.

We’ll have to wait until April 2020 to hear the full score in cinematic context, but let’s take a look at what hints there are in the trailer that dropped today.

The music of No Time To Die

As with the other Daniel Craig Bond outings, the mood is darker, grittier and full of suspense. Romer uses rhythmic augmentation to create the drawn-out iterations of the iconic Bond themes. And it creates a heap of tension. Agogic and rhythmic accents on the familiar motif pepper the trailer. Punchy (just like a good Bond opening sequence).

There’s a general feel of minimalism here. We could be in a Glass opera at times (1'08" etc), but then soaring strings enter and we're back to Bond.

At the climax of the trailer, Romer takes the classic Bond theme and casts it in a rising melodic sequence, to great effect.

Daniel Craig on the music for Bond

Back in 2015, we did talk to ACTUAL JAMES BOND on the occasion of the 24th Bond installment, Spectre. Daniel Craig told us about how important he feels the music is in the series, especially when it comes to those iconic motifs.

“It's so emotive that sound, and if you use it at the right point in the movie then everyone remembers ‘Yes, we’re in a Bond movie.’”

Who’s in the James Bond No Time to Die cast?

No Time to Die stars Craig as 007, Rami Malek as Safin, Ralph Fiennes as M, and Naomie Harris as Moneypenny and is due to be released on 8 April 2020.