New Bond soundtrack: Daniel Craig tells us what he thinks of the music from Spectre

14 October 2015, 17:40 | Updated: 11 November 2015, 14:44

James Bond himself, Daniel Craig, tells us how emotional he felt when he heard Thomas Newman's score for Spectre.

You might have heard there’s a new Bond film out. As with Skyfall, Thomas Newman has written the soundtrack. So we were expecting epic brass, moody sweeping themes and a fairly ridiculous amount of percussion.

And BOY is that what we’ve got.

Exclusively and just for you, here’s part of the brand new Bond soundtrack:

*pours self a Martini*

Want more of that (and who the heck wouldn't)? The whole soundtrack is out now on Decca records – and you can order it right here.

But what does everybody think of the Spectre soundtrack? We sat down with Spectre composer Thomas Newman, the director Sam Mendes - and 007 himself, Daniel Craig.  Here's what they think... 

Daniel Craig on the Spectre soundtrack

"I saw this film for the first time on Saturday and what Tom has done with this movie and how much it has added to this film…and what he’s managed to do becomes another character in the film. He’s done such a brilliant job with it."

"This is honestly the best use of the Bond theme we’ve had in our movies. It's so emotive that sound, and if you use it at the right point in the movie then everyone remembers ‘Yes, we’re in a Bond movie.’”

Sam Mendes: 'the Spectre soundtrack is better than Skyfall'

Thomas Newman on the Spectre soundtrack


Thomas Newman drops some hints about his Spectre soundtrack

Composer Thomas Newman tells Charlotte Green what to expect from the Spectre soundtrack

Posted by Classic FM on Tuesday, 20 October 2015



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Here’s the trailer, featuring some pretty killer new Thomas Newman sounds:

So, these are the things we’ve learned about the soundtrack, just from a two-minute trailer:

It only takes 19 seconds for the Bond motif to arrive

POW. There it is. Ba-da, ba-daaaa! And with all the hallmarks - Daniel Craig! MGM screen! River Thames! We’re back in the world of Bond.


Listen to this virtuoso pianist play his own epic version of Adele's 'Skyfall' theme

Huge theme

Then that OHMSS theme gets a full, epic orchestral airing - not just the cheeky lower-brass version we’re used to.


Then Newman ramps it up to breaking point until…

Was the James Bond theme borrowed from this classical masterpiece by Sibelius?

BA-DA! (boooom) BA-DA! (boom) BADA BA-DA-DA!

That theme. That brass. Oh man. We’re excited.

Spectre is premiering this week, and Thomas Newman's soundtrack contain more than 100 minutes of new music.

Sam Smith has released the official theme song for Spectre

It's called 'Writing's On The Wall', and it's pretty ruddy sultry, if not immediately Bassey-iconic. Have a listen:

Just listen to that lush orchestral opening - it's so Bond. Sam Smith has quite proudly stated in the press that the song took him and his writing partner, Jimmy Napes, just 20 minutes to write. There's some rather striking orchestral work with rumbling lower brass and tinkly piano to the fore. Are any of these themes going to crop up in the main Newman score? We will have to see...