“Weird Al” Yankovic conducting a live orchestra is the best thing you’ll see all day

5 August 2019, 17:16

By Helena Asprou

The American star is well known for his humorous songs poking fun at popular culture and contemporary artists – and in this video, he takes his comedy to a whole new level...

Everybody stop what you’re doing, because popular actor, satirist and singer-songwriter, “Weird Al” Yankovic once took to the stage to conduct a live symphony orchestra – and it’s hilariously bizarre.

In the video (see above), “Weird Al” is seen to stand on the conductor’s podium during California’s Battle of Batons concert, before greeting the Jr. Philharmonic Orchestra with a sudden jump.

It’s not your conventional way of preparing an ensemble for action, but it seems to snap the musicians into shape as they raise their instruments ready to play.

Then, we hear the music to Bizet’s ‘Toreador Song’ from Carmenbut unlike your average conductor, who tends to rely on a steadfast stance and neat baton, Yankovic leads the way with erratic movements and flailing limbs.

Who knew dynamics could be controlled so well with a high kick?

Watch the full performance here >