Toddler dresses up as a tiny, piano-playing Elton John for Halloween

31 October 2019, 12:22

Mini Elton John plays piano
Mini Elton John plays piano. Picture: CBS News/Destiny Bottiaux

By Maddy Shaw Roberts

This ‘tiny dancer’ dressed up as Elton John this Halloween, complete with an adorable pink piano. Our cockles are truly warmed.

Dressed in huge sunglasses, a feather-trimmed suit and a mini pink piano, this 11-month-old girl channelled her inner star pianist this Halloween.

Benni Rea, from Mississippi, happily plays along with Elton John’s ‘Bennie and the Jets’, while dressed up as the legendary pop star.

Her mum, Destiny Bottiaux, said Benni has always been fascinated with music. She told Viral Hog that her 11-month-old often watches music videos with her father, Deven.

She also revealed that Benni ‘plays’ the guitar, along with her pink piano, and sings at church.

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Bottiaux made the Elton-themed outfit for her daughter, after realising that her favourite song is – perhaps unsurprisingly – her namesake, ‘Bennie and the Jets’.

She posted the above video of Benni on Facebook, with the caption: “She’s got furry ugg boots, a linen suit, belongs in a magazine, ohhhhhhhhh B-B-B-Benni is the best.”

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Bottiaux later added that her daughter is “a star” and “LOVES her theatrics too. Runs in the family.”

And it looks like Benni isn’t the only toddler to be getting enthusiastic about the piano this Halloween...