Singer captures extraordinary footage of her cat playing her grand piano

24 November 2020, 11:09

Delta Goodrem's cat plays her grand piano
Delta Goodrem's cat plays her grand piano. Picture: Instagram/Delta Goodrem

By Maddy Shaw Roberts

A cat-aclysmic display of keyboard virtuosity from one, house catto.

A prodigious cat has been caught playing his owner’s Yamaha grand piano.

Bean, the talented white house cat, belongs to Australian singer Delta Goodrem, who posted video evidence of the musical moment on Instagram yesterday (23 November).

“Got home from ARIA rehearsals last night to find my cat is a prodigy,” she captioned the clip.

The ARIAs, which are taking place on 25 November and will be hosted by Goodrem, are annual Australian music awards. “Next year’s ARIAs, Bean?” she added.

Bean, believing he is alone at the piano, seizes the moment and places his paws on the instrument.

He depresses a key and looks around, momentarily stopping to enjoy the sound.

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Delta Goodrem's cat plays the piano

Goodrem and her musician boyfriend can be heard clapping and cheering their fearless feline in the background.

Bean looks around and his ears prick up, startled by his audience.

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Gingerly, the four-legged musician goes in for round two, depressing two keys this time in a surprising display of chromaticism.

But after his second attempt, Bean becomes suddenly shy and paw-ses his performance, curling up on the stool for a little post-recital nap.

Sorry folks, no more cat-certos today. Our soloist is all tired out...