Classical pianist adds extended harmony to ‘deranged yelling cat’, and a masterpiece unfolds

15 July 2020, 16:02 | Updated: 15 July 2020, 17:07

Classical pianist harmonises ‘deranged yelling cat’, calls it his magnum opus

By Maddy Shaw Roberts

When a cat wanders into your garden and starts begging for Dreamies, use it to create your magnum opus.

These are uncertain, trying times for musicians. And filling time productively has become an anxiety for many, while either furloughed or out of work.

One Irish pianist decided to keep himself occupied at home not by making TikToks or copious volumes of banana bread – but by adding extended harmony to a viral cat’s hangry yowling.

Conor Broderick, a music teacher from Limerick, took inspiration for a solid bit of harmonic progression on this unusually vocal feline. The furry creature can be seen the other side of a screen door, yowling and hissing – and Broderick has just the chords to make sense of it all (sort of).

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Viral hissing yelling cat video
Hissing catto. Picture: Conor Broderick/Facebook

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Where some would see a neighbourhood annoyance, Conor sees only musical potential.

“Today I harmonised a deranged yelling cat,” the musician writes, describing the edit as his “magnum opus”.

“I have too much free time,” Broderick writes at the end of the video. “What is wrong with me?” Absolutely nothing, Conor, you are doing the Lord’s work.

Since the ingenious arrangement was published two weeks ago, ‘Ode to Yelling Cat’ has had over 100,000 views on Facebook.

Purr-haps we’ll hear a sequel soon – Ode to a Well-Fed Cat?