Musical pig plays instruments, and it’s sow good

19 January 2021, 16:23

Musical pig plays instruments, and it’s sow good
Musical pig plays instruments, and it’s sow good. Picture: YouTube / ViralHog

By Sian Moore

Rolling in mud? No thanks. Making music on children’s toys? Oh yes!

Rowan the pig isn’t like most of his fellow farmyard friends.

For a start, this domesticated swine lives in a house with his loving owners in Alaska, where he’s lavished with all the pumpkins and apples any piglet could dream of.

Oh – and he makes music.

Yep, this inquisitive animal is a pretty proficient musician when supplied with the right children’s games and squeaky toys...

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Rowan The Pig Shows off His Musical Skills || ViralHog

Rowan might not receive a standing ovation or a pay check for his brief performance, but he does get a fair few slices of apple.

And from his enthusiastic oinks and tail swishes, we reckon he’s pretty pleased with that compensation.

We know that if Rowan puts his mind to it, there’s snout-ing stopping this pig from pursuing his musical dreams.