Soprano sings Donizetti to piglets and it’s wonderfully chaotic

6 August 2019, 16:11 | Updated: 10 July 2020, 14:57

By Siena Linton

Opera singer Fleur de Bray sings a Donizetti aria to some Norfolk pigs. Because all farmyard animals need good music.

A litter of cute piglets got a blast of Bel Canto this week, thanks to soprano Fleur de Bray and Norfolk opera company, Into Opera.

Fleur’s fun-filled farm visit came ahead of her Norfolk performances as heroine Adina in Donizetti’s comic opera The Elixir of Love.

The video has been viewed tens of thousands of times on Twitter and retweeted by the likes of Stephen Fry and Russell Crowe.

We note that one pig in particular, um, *hogs* the limelight, attempting to jump up onto her lap. Clearly opera lovers, all of them.

The production comes from a new opera company who, as their name suggests, aims to get people who aren’t usually ‘into’ opera… into opera. Pigs too it seems.

Into Opera’s performances of Donizetti’s comic opera The Elixir of Love begin this Thursday, with weekend shows at 3pm on Saturday the 10th and Sunday 11th August, taking place at The Octagon Barn in Little Plumstead, Norfolk.

Get your tickets and trot along...