Man plays cocktail piano, mixes a drink just by pressing the keys

29 October 2020, 13:36

Man plays cocktail piano
Man plays cocktail piano. Picture: YouTube / MEZERG

By Sian Moore

That’s one Espresso Mozart-ini coming right up...

From the guy who brought us the watermelon synth piano, comes another keyboard masterpiece: the cocktail piano.

Every key is connected to a bottle of alcohol or cocktail mixer through a system of intricate tubes that wouldn’t look too amiss in a Mary Shelley novel.

Mezerg, a French one-man band, only needs to tickle the ivories to make a refreshing beverage.

With just a tap of B flat a drop of rum is dispensed into a glass tumbler, placed to catch the pianist’s musical concoctions.

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With Mezerg’s lively playing, it doesn’t take long for him to knock up a drink.

The ‘PianoCocktail’ was built by Voël Martin of “La Volière aux Pianos” in 2012, who Mezerg describes in the video as a “genius inventor”.

The inspiration for the quirky keyboard came from French writer Boris Vien’s hallucinogenic 1947 love story L'Écume des jours (Froth on the Daydream).

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A similar cocktail-making contraption also features in a film adaptation of the novel, Mood Indigo, starring Audrey Tautou.

The next stage, we feel, should be matching up drink to composer. Hankering after a pint of mead? Better get playing some Handel. Or if moonshine is your tipple of choice, perhaps a passage of Clair de lune...