‘Habanera’ by Bizet, but it’s played on a ping-pong paddle

8 April 2019, 17:20

Music on a balloon and a ping-pong paddle
Music on a balloon and a ping-pong paddle. Picture: Mozart Group

By Maddy Shaw Roberts

Ever tried to play music on a ping-pong paddle while standing on one leg? We imagine not – but this guy has.

This impressive musical group has mastered the art of playing inanimate objects as musical instruments: namely, a ping-pong paddle and a balloon.

In the first sketch, the violinist simultaneously plucks out the tune to ‘Habanera’ from Bizet’s Carmen, while perfectly tapping out the rhythm on a ping-pong paddle and ball.

A Haydn string quartet, but the viola is a BALLOON >

He also manages to sing the top soprano line and stand on one leg.

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Posted by Chosen Music on Wednesday, 27 March 2019

The second sketch sees another member of the MozART Group playing Elvis Presley’s ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’ on a balloon.

He fills it with air, before squeezing out a surprisingly accurate rendition of the melody.

More of all of this, please.