Goat warbles an enthusiastic solo at Worcester Cathedral’s animal blessing service

4 October 2022, 09:34 | Updated: 3 November 2023, 16:09

Goat hilariously 'sings' during service at Worcester Cathedral

By Maddy Shaw Roberts

The bleating billygoat made the most of the great edifice’s acoustics, singing (almost) until the cows came home.

A video of a billygoat warbling along to the sound of the pipe organ at Worcester Cathedral has gone viral on TikTok.

Pablo the goat was filmed ‘singing’ during an animal blessing service, as a team of helpers around him catch each other’s eye and laugh. One of the team comforts Pablo, giving him a reassuring pat on his side.

Two alpacas, who are fellow residents of Pablo at Attwell Farm Park in Redditch, also attended the service in October 2022.

The clip, which is captioned, “We think Pablo the goat enjoyed the Animal Blessing Service,” has had over 2.5 million views on Worcester Cathedral’s TikTok account.

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A team of helpers laugh and comfort Pablo, as he bleats his way through the service
A team of helpers laugh and comfort Pablo, as he bleats his way through the service. Picture: SWNS/TikTok/Worcester Cathedral

The animal service takes place every September, as a celebration of ‘All Creatures Great and Small’.

Sarah Bower, a spokesperson for Worcester Cathedral, said the response to Pablo’s music-making has been “very positive” and that “people have just found it hilarious”.

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She continued: “Pablo really enjoyed himself – he was very vocal. Lots of people have commented on the looks the animals were giving him in the video too. It’s our most liked video on our TikTok account.

“It was Pablo’s first visit to the animal blessing ceremony, and we’ll certainly be inviting him back again without a doubt. We had a really good turnout at the blessing ceremony this year – it was a full house.”

One TikTok user joked, “Get Pablo in the choir!”. Another added, “No kidding, Pablo’s singing ain’t half baaaad!”

Ladies and gents, the next star soloist of the Three Choirs Festival…

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