A cappella choir imitates iPhone sound effects with terrifying virtuosity

9 February 2021, 08:55 | Updated: 9 February 2021, 14:45

A cappella choir vocalises iPhone sound effects
A cappella choir vocalises iPhone sound effects. Picture: YouTube/MayTree

By Sian Moore

Nope, that isn’t your phone ringing. It’s just this incredible a cappella choir...

You’ve probably heard your phone buzz, beep and ding so often, that the notification noises sound second nature.

And we can hazard a guess that you’ve never considered any of those sound effects – particularly those terrifying alarms – to be remotely musical.

Well, we hadn’t either. Until we heard the vocal virtuosos of the MayTree a cappella choir sing them.

Using just their voices – and a hefty dose of diaphragm support – they’ve replicated some of Apple’s most distinct system sounds.

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iPhone sound effects performed by an a cappella group

The five-person Korean music group has been performing in shows since they formed in 2000.

But on their YouTube channel, which has amassed an impressive 77,000 subscribers, obscure and quirky vocal renditions are their speciality.

Take their beautiful a cappella cover of the Windows boot up sound effects (yep, and it’s excellent). Or their talented vocal take on famous movie intros.

As much as we favour these vocalised versions to the original iPhone sound effects, nothing can make that alarm tone any less jarring...