A cappella choir on tilting cylinders sounds straight out of a horror movie

7 September 2020, 13:57

A cappella choir sings on tilting platforms
A cappella choir sings on tilting platforms. Picture: YouTube / codactdecosterd

By Sian Moore

When you’ve got choir practice at 1, but filming for a zombie blockbuster at 2…

Put an a cappella choir on tilting platforms and what do you get? A very eerie performance, to say the least.

As the singers of the Pendulum Choir twist and turn while mounted on moving podiums, their voices too are manipulated.

The resulting sound is a haunting chorus that wouldn’t feel to amiss on a Ridley Scott sci-fi film score.

It’s beautiful, yet intensely sinister. Have a watch below...

Pendulum Choir

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The choir is made up of nine singers, eight of whom appear in this video, and 18 hydraulic jacks, according to their website.

By standing on the tilting platforms, the eight singers constitute a “living, sonorous body”.

Their website also explains that by brushing and avoiding each other, the ensemble members are able to create “subtle vocal polyphonies”.

Talk about solid support and breath control. We are in awe...