19 crazy sound effects you can make on a VIOLIN

30 January 2018, 12:00

These familiar sound effects can all be made using four strings, a bow and a touch of musicianship. Check them out…

Daniel Blair is a violinist who has amassed millions of YouTube views, thanks to his remarkable ability to produce weird noises on his instrument.

He uses wacky bowing techniques to recreate the sound of an air raid siren, a Formula One race car and some terrifyingly accurate birdcalls. He also manages to sneak in some mean double stops, glissandi and impressively high E-string action along the way.

If you fancy trying these out on your fiddle at home, Daniel’s done a few more sound effects just here, including a rocking chair (cue nightmare-inducing Woman in Black flashbacks), an arcade game and Woody Woodpecker.

Have a listen below, and find Daniel on Facebook and YouTube.