Elijah Wood surprises shoppers with piano performance of the Star Wars theme

4 July 2019, 17:48

By Helena Asprou

The star is best known for his role as Frodo Baggins in the Lord of the Rings trilogy – but now he’s captured peoples’ attention with his nifty fingerwork.

Last weekend, American actor Elijah Wood surprised shoppers at the Fremantle Markets in Perth, Australia, with an impromptu piano performance of the Star Wars theme.

The Lord of the Rings star had been enjoying a casual wander among the fruit and vegetable stalls when he was invited to play the musical instrument by members of staff.

Taking a seat at the public piano, the 38-year-old actor began playing John Williams’ popular film theme – and passers-by were impressed with his skills.

Fans have even taken to social media to share their excitement about the recital:

Frodo fans take to Facebook
Frodo fans take to Facebook. Picture: Facebook
Music fans approve of Elijah’s playing
Music fans approve of Elijah’s playing. Picture: Facebook

In the video (see above), Wood is clearly enjoying his musical tribute – particularly as he is a fan of the fantasy film franchise and has previously provided a voiceover for the American animated television series, Star Wars Resistance.

A spokesperson for the Fremantle Markets said the performance came about as members of staff asked him to play: “He was very happy to oblige, nice guy!”

Wood started learning the piano while taking on the lead role of Tom Selznick in the 2013 Spanish thriller Grand Piano, which tells the story of a concert pianist who suffers from stage fright after discovering a threatening note written on his sheet music moments before going on stage.

While promoting the film, he explained: “I took private lessons for three weeks prior to going to Barcelona [to shoot the film], and it was super-intense. I'd played when I was younger but certainly not to this level.

“It was really difficult, but also really fun. It's fun to have a challenge that is that specific. I don't play in life, but I am musical and I play around with instruments so I was endeared to it.”

Great work, Elijah!